Disney Peloton Ride Review!

After canceling all three of my Disney trips this year, I decided to treat myself with something! I ordered a Peloton, I've been wanting one for a WHILE! Disney Wiki -Fandom A little back story, I started taking spin classes back in December almost as a joke with one of my friends, but got quickly [...]

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Disney is giving us ANOTHER live-action film. This time, it is one of my faves, The Little Mermaid! However, there is already some controversy around this film and it's casting for the great Ursula. Melissa McCarthy has been cast as the villain, and it seems like a lot of people don't like that choice. Personally, [...]

More Character Dining at Resorts!

It's #TotallyRandomTuesday ! Last Tuesday we talked about Character Dining at Chef Mickey's so If you wanna check that out just click this link! (https://objessedwithdisney.net/2018/06/12/character-dining-at-resorts/)   This week we're going to look at another awesome character dining experience that is at a resort so you're not tied to a park because of your reservation!   [...]