God Bless.. The American Adventure in EPCOT?!

Well, I'm sure you guys are getting used to something new coming to Disney World every day, and I might never get tired of it. This latest news is something that for sure shocked me! Disney The restaurant located in the American Adventure in EPCOT is getting redone and will now be the Regal Eagle [...]

Extra Magic Mornings for Star Wars Fans!

Unless you live under a bubble, you've probably heard that Rise of the Resistance has opened in Walt Disney World. Hollywood Studios has reportedly been a madhouse starting as early as 4:30! Photo from Forbes. Rise of the Resistance opened on December 5th and has been a smash hit! Guests are lining up in the [...]

A lil’ Magic for your Friday!

I have never been more proud to be living in Texas than right now! Why is that you ask? Well, a family in El Paso created their version of Happily Ever After for their Christmas lights! I stumbled upon this video after putting up my Christmas lights and was just in awe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWmuxz2cO3I&feature=youtu.be This 13-minute [...]