What I Ate at Disney World’s Skipper Canteen – Gluten Free + Vegan.

I spent Christmas and New Years in Disney World year and it was my first time being vegan AND gluten free. To say I was a little nervous about what my options would be an understatement. I thought I’d be living off french fries the whole trip but I was super surprised and even more [...]

Designer Disney Pieces I WISH I had in my Collection.

It's no surprise I'm obsessed with Disney, after all this started as a Disney blog. I also have a love for designer handbags and items in general so I thought I'd share the designer pieces I'd absolutely love to have hanging in my closet! Disney has done amazing collaborations over the years that are so [...]

Back to School Disney Crafts!

How is it almost September?! Back to school is looking different for everyone this year and I just wanna say I feel for all the teachers and students! I used to be an educator at an early learning center and I could not imagine going back with all the new rules and regulations! However, I [...]

Disney Peloton Ride Review!

After canceling all three of my Disney trips this year, I decided to treat myself with something! I ordered a Peloton, I've been wanting one for a WHILE! Disney Wiki -Fandom A little back story, I started taking spin classes back in December almost as a joke with one of my friends, but got quickly [...]