Everyone Loves Elephants!

It's AK Saturday! I know I have mentioned before Elephants are my favorite, I mean how can they not be! So todays topic will be about the Caring for Giants Elephant Tour in Animal Kingdom. This is a 30 dollar, 60 minute experience, and if you've been to Disney before you know that's a good [...]

Festival of the Lion King

It's AK Saturday! I am obsessed with the live action shows Disney has to offer and one of the top-level ones in my opinion is Festival of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom! Every time I see that show I am in awe of the lighting, the music, and the performers! The show takes place [...]

AK Saturday

Another new day to introduce to my Disney filled blog and this one is dedicated to the one and only Animal Kingdom! Now Animal Kingdom is full of really cool facts and secrets to keep it running and I hadn't put much thought into how do the lions not attack the other animals.. So I [...]