Gift Guide for Valentines Day

It's the month of commercialized love. So you're stumped on what to get your loved ones for the holiday, well you made it to the right place. Buying gifts is one of my favorite things to do and making lists is an other, so let's get into this gift guide. Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash For your [...]

3 Amazing vegan food spots in atx

There's no shortage of amazing vegan spots in Austin. There's somethings for everyone here it seems, even your friends who "could never go vegan." Photo by Claudio Schwarz For date Night The Beer Plant is a must for celebrating, taking your friends from out of town, or simply treating yourself. This completely vegan gastropub will [...]

3 Things to Stop asking 20-Somethings

As I sit here and listen to Sza's 2017 album Ctrl for the 1200th time I wonder are we all "Ms. 20-something?" Like, I can't personally be the only one who gets goosebumps and has a bi-weekly breakdown to the last track right? This got me thinking... I spent my whole childhood pretending I was [...]