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What I Ate at Disney World’s Skipper Canteen – Gluten Free + Vegan.

I spent Christmas and New Years in Disney World year and it was my first time being vegan AND gluten free. To say I was a little nervous about what my options would be an understatement. I thought I’d be living off french fries the whole trip but I was super surprised and even more impressed with my options at Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen. Three … Continue reading What I Ate at Disney World’s Skipper Canteen – Gluten Free + Vegan.

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Keep It Fresh – January Produce

New month means new produce. January is a time most people kick off a diet, but how about instead we simply just form some healthy habits. Eating in season is so important and tastes SO much better. Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash The Good Stuff This is a perfect month to make fresh juices with so much citrus in season, my favorite combo is carrot, orange, ginger! … Continue reading Keep It Fresh – January Produce

Vegan Southwest salad in a jar.

Salads in jars are the convenient lunch we all need. This is what has been missing in my life. If you’re a visual person when it comes to eating these will make it easy to grab and go. This southwest-inspired flavor is full of flavor and takes about 25 minutes for four days worth of lunches! photo from E! what you’ll need 1 cucumber mini … Continue reading Vegan Southwest salad in a jar.

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Vegan Lavender Blueberry Muffins

Gotta love Traders Joes, am I right? They have this amazing blueberry lavender almond milk that is so tasty. I figured why not use it in a muffin recipe and it did not disappoint. This recipe is a one-bowl recipe and has NO OIL! What You’ll Need 1 cup Trader Joe’s lavender blueberry almond milk dash of vanilla extract lemon zest 1 cup AP flour … Continue reading Vegan Lavender Blueberry Muffins