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Emotional Boundaries and how to set them.

Emotional boundaries are your rules of engagement. You know how on social media when someones post upsets you or angers you and you have the option to mute/unfollow them, you can do that irl too with emotional boundaries. Last month we talked about what boundaries are (you can check that out here) and this month […]


Am shower playlist

There’s no better way to start your morning than with a positive playlist. You know when a little song gets stuck in your head and you keep repeating the words? I made a morning shower playlist so you can have positive mantras stuck in your head all day. I mean they do say music is […]


What are boundaries & Why do we need them?

Boundaries are one of the most helpful tools you have constant access to. They might seem hard or even scary to set, but they are ESSENTIAL to a healthy mind and life. Like most everything in life, you need to find the balance between healthy and unhealthy boundaries. Let’s discuss the differences between the two […]