Blueberry pancake smoothie – vegan + gluten free

Smoothies are my thing lately and this one DOES NOT disappoint. Packed with protein and fiber for a healthy happy you! @likejustjess The Recipe 2 scoops vegan vanilla protein powder1 cup oat milk1 tsp cinnamon1 frozen banana1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries2 TBSP cashews2 TBSP oats 1 TBSP seamoss (optional)Drizzle of pure maple syrup (optional) @likejustjess

5 things to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

The tools you need to comfort yourself aren't always as complicated as you may think. Last week we went over some quotes for when you're feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes reading something isn't enough, we all know those days. I wanted to share 5 things I like to do to shake the overwhelming feelings. Move your body. [...]

Where vegans get protein – 6 vegan protein sources.

If I got a gram of protein for every time I got asked "where do you get your protein" I wouldn't even have to worry about if I had enough. Getting in protein as a vegan isn't some scary or hard task. But how much protein do you actually need? I used this calculator online [...]

10 quotes for when you feel overwhelmed.

Let's be real... Life gets heavy sometimes. We're constantly consuming others thoughts and ideas on social media and sometimes it feels like the world is super loud. Let's quiet it down with some reassuring quotes. Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash I will never have this version of me again, let me slow down and be with them.unknown. [...]

Self Love Journal Prompts

Sprinkle self love like confetti… Or whatever the saying is. Let’s not joke about self love though because it’s so important and we usually don’t do it enough. Most of us have a self care Sunday routine but how to do carry that feeling into our week? This weeks journal prompts are for just that! [...]