What I Ate at Disney World’s Skipper Canteen – Gluten Free + Vegan.

I spent Christmas and New Years in Disney World year and it was my first time being vegan AND gluten free. To say I was a little nervous about what my options would be an understatement. I thought I’d be living off french fries the whole trip but I was super surprised and even more [...]

3 Amazing vegan food spots in atx

There's no shortage of amazing vegan spots in Austin. There's somethings for everyone here it seems, even your friends who "could never go vegan." Photo by Claudio Schwarz For date Night The Beer Plant is a must for celebrating, taking your friends from out of town, or simply treating yourself. This completely vegan gastropub will [...]

Weight loss Goals for June & Workouts I’m Loving.

How is it almost June?! In January I made a goal for myself to lose 21 pounds in 2021 and the thought that I only have 6 months left to meet my goal has me thinking that I need some mini-goals along the way to stay on track! I'm here to tell you that losing [...]

Designer Disney Pieces I WISH I had in my Collection.

It's no surprise I'm obsessed with Disney, after all this started as a Disney blog. I also have a love for designer handbags and items in general so I thought I'd share the designer pieces I'd absolutely love to have hanging in my closet! Disney has done amazing collaborations over the years that are so [...]

Best Disney Quotes about Love

Two of my favorite things are love and Disney... So let's close out the month of love with a Disney twist. I mean who doesn't wanna feel like a Disney Princess? Just so we're on the same page, anybody can feel like a princess! "Yes, You'll be in my heart. From this day on, now [...]