What I Ate at Disney World’s Skipper Canteen – Gluten Free + Vegan.

I spent Christmas and New Years in Disney World year and it was my first time being vegan AND gluten free. To say I was a little nervous about what my options would be an understatement. I thought I’d be living off french fries the whole trip but I was super surprised and even more impressed with my options at Magic Kingdom’s Skipper Canteen.

Three Course Meal

Okay let’s start out with the fact that Skipper Canteen is the best because it’s the perfect extension of The Jungle Cruise ride. I live for the puns and this falafel app!

The falafel has so much flavor and the perfect crisp on the outside. The creamy, cool hummus complements it so well. I probably could have eaten this for my main meal because it was so good, but when I heard my entree option I decided to ( in true Disney fashion ) just live it up and get everything I wanted on the menu.

For an entree I got the Perkins Thai Noodles with Tofu, like the falafel this had BIG flavors. I could bath in the spicy garlic sauce to be honest. The way the tofu drank up sauce was so perfect each bite was packed with flavor and I mean who doesn’t love noodles? The only thing I would change in this dish is the amount of veggies, but I prefer a veggie heavy meal.

I’ll be the first to say I am a chocolate dessert kinda gal, so having this citrusy fruit option was new to me. This is the
Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight dessert and the texture of the “panna cotta” was off for me and next time I would probably just get the Mango – Lime sorbet that came on top. I usually skip dessert but like I said, I felt like living it up this vacation.

I was seated in front of the boat scene and loved the vibe of the room.

I’d rate this whole meal a 8.5 out of 10 from start to finish. The app and entree are 100% worth going back for but the dessert was take it or leave it for me. The atmosphere of the restaurant is 10 out of 10 and really made the ride come to life. I’d say this is one of the more “adventurous” menus in Disney and if you want something new and fresh (vegan or not) this is the place to go!

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