Holly Jolly Journaling – Week One

The little gift you can give yourself this season.

Make a cup of tea, grab a peppermint mocha latte, maybe even a glass of wine and your favorite journal. It’s time to give yourself the gift of time, a mind break, and a new holiday tradition. Below are holiday journal prompts for you to use Monday through Friday to keep you inspired and on track. You’re probably like well about the weekend and that’s easy it’s a free write, you can journal about your week, make up a story, or simply take a break.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Holly Jolly journaling

We often get so caught up and forget to take a moment for ourselves and give our brain a little exercise and that’s why I created this little December Journaling Challenge. Each Monday I will be posting the prompts for the week to help you exercise your mind and express gratitude while staying in the Holiday Spirit! To start off you are going to be celebrating YOU and reflecting on your highlights of the year.

Remember to follow along on Instagram @likejustjess to share your highlights and see mine!

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