Why you should be adding breath work to your routine

I bought a peloton for the spin classes but…

…fell in love with breathwork (and pilates but that’s another story.) It’s so crazy to think that every day every moment we are breathing and most people don’t even stop and realize that. Imagine doing something 24/7 and you don’t ever get a break, that’s what breath work feels like. It’s like a a cool sip of water for your breath.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash


Deep breathing can help reduce the amount of the cortisol, the stress hormone and is the quickest way to calm down. This happens because your breathing is letting your nervous system that it’s okay.

Breathing deeper and slower for 10 minutes a day can reduce your blood pressure.

Breathwork can also help with pain management.

Breathwork can create feelings of openness and clarity.

Basically breathwork slows your heart rate to match your breath and this let’s your brain release endorphins. These should have an overall impact of your mood.

TakING up space.

Personally I started breath work because of my anxiety, for me an anxiety attack makes me feel SUPER tiny like the whole space I’m in is swallowing me up. I realized when I was breathing deeply, I was feeling full and like I was taking up more space. You can feel your breath entering the sides of your body, your back, and your stomach during deep breaths, it’s often called 360 breathing. This helped drown out the anxious thoughts and made me feel bigger, of course everyones experience will be different, however it’s worth a try.

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