Am shower playlist

There’s no better way to start your morning than with a positive playlist.

You know when a little song gets stuck in your head and you keep repeating the words? I made a morning shower playlist so you can have positive mantras stuck in your head all day. I mean they do say music is a form of medicine. This playlist is a little over 15 minutes for when you have to rush out for a busy day.


Wake up ∙ Chris-n-Teeb – to remind you to be here and grateful.

Speak ∙ Jhené Aiko – to remind you to speak your truth.

Successful – Ariana Grande – to remind you that you’re crushing it.

Tap In ∙ Saweetie – to remind you to stay focused.

Good as Hell ∙ Lizzo – to remind you that your worthy.

Champion ∙ Kanye West – to remind you to not give up.

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