Weight loss Goals for June & Workouts I’m Loving.

How is it almost June?!

In January I made a goal for myself to lose 21 pounds in 2021 and the thought that I only have 6 months left to meet my goal has me thinking that I need some mini-goals along the way to stay on track! I’m here to tell you that losing weight is absolutely a journey and sometimes we go off the path, and that’s okay. The main thing we need to realize is that we are the only ones who can get us back on that journey and if you’re reading this it sounds like you’re taking the first step! I wanna share some of my goals for June that I hope you can work into your own journey to better help you reach your goals.


Workout more intuitively.

Think about how we try to cram in workouts and stick to such crazy gym routines, when if we listen our body will tell us what it needs. I will be setting a time goal of 30-45 minutes of movement a day and letting the day tell me what I need to work. That could mean 10 minutes of arms, 20 minutes of yoga, and 15 minutes of barre, which sounds like a good workout to me! This is something to try if you get bored doing the same thing over and over again.


One smoothie/protein drink as a meal replacement a day.

It’s summertime baby! You know what that means we’re sitting on beaches, riding with the windows down, and need something cool and refreshing to stay hydrated. We might as well make it fun and get in a serving (or two) of fruits and veggies and sip it out of a straw. Smoothies in the summer (with or without protein) are a summer staple for me, it’s always too hot to eat something big, and chewing salads take SO LONG.


Meditate and Stretch daily.

I tend to overlook these absolutely necessary “workouts” and that’s gotta change! A healthy body is great, but what is it without a healthy mind? Stretching is something I love to do but if I feel too burned out from a workout, I might skip it. These aid in your overall health and performance and take all of 10/15 minutes a day and I think we owe ourselves that!

I also wanna share some links to my favorite fun workouts on youtube that get me motivated to move my body!

The first one is from @EMKFIT and is so fun and sweaty and makes me laugh at myself in the best way possible! You can find it here.

The second one is from @MADFIT and will have you singing even after your’e done working out!You can find it here.

Tell me YOUR goals for June and follow me on Insta @likejustjess so we can hype each other up on this journey!

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