Affirmations in Music.

Your diet doesn’t just include what you eat, it’s everything you consume. That means what you watch, read, and listen to is also part of your diet, when you start to look at your health that way, things start to change. Think about that song you can’t help but dance to when it’s on and it makes it seem anywhere can be a party! This week I put together an uplifting tracklist that will have some amazing meditations stuck in your head that you won’t mind singing all day! These songs range from self-love to abundance and gratitude.

(scroll to the end of this post for the playlist)

just like magic – Ariana Grande

Rare – Selena Gomez

whole lotta money – BIA

I am – yung baby tate ft flo milli

Cake – loren gray

Ass like that – Victoria Monét

Trust the Universe – Stic

Toast – Koffee

This will be (an everlasting love) – Natalie Cole

Love myself – Hailee Steinfeld

Save this playlist to listen to when you need a boost you can do that here. Be sure to comment your favorite track in the comments!

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