Mantras from the Peloton Instructors.

I’m switching it up this week!

Happy Monday beautiful people! I decided to switch up the usual affirmations to mantras I’ve been hearing while working out with Peloton. I bought my Peloton last August and my relationship with fitness and myself have changed so much since then. The instructors they have are some of the most motivating and kind speaking people ever. This week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite mantras they shout out during the workouts! Photo from Vanity Fair.


You’ve made it through 100% of your bad days. – Robin Arzón

You don’t HAVE to, you GET to. – Jess Sims

Do not compromise who you are or what you came here to achieve. – Cody Rigsby

We are not here for trophies, we are here for memories. – Ally Love

On purpose, with purpose. – Alex Toussaint

You are capable of things unthought of. – Christine D’ercole

More do, Less doubt. – Jess King

What’s in your way? Say it. See it. Get past it. – Hannah Corbin

Bigger the dream, Harder the hustle. – Robin Arzón

This is when you boss up, never back down. – Ally Love

The peloton community is AMAZING and always knows what to say to keep me motivated beyond just working out. Let me know how you stay motivated in the comments below!

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