Affirmations for Good Health

Unclench your jaw babe!

Good health doesn’t just mean losing weight, you gotta take care of your WHOLE body. I always thought if I just drop the weight I’ll be healthy and boy was I wrong! You have to fix your mindset before you fix anything else. These affirmations will be about mind, body, and soul.


I am grateful to have a body that has the ability to exercise.

I easily attract positive energy into my mind and body.

I make myself proud.

I am committed to making my mind a happy place.

My body rewards me for nourishing it.

I am healed, whole and healthy.

I do everything with love.

I am stepping out of my own way.

I’m creating a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Every day I make mindful choices to support my goals.

My goal this week is to track my meals every day, check out my last post for some weight loss tips!

Share your goals for the week in the comments!

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