5 Weight Loss Tips from a Former “Fat Girl”

Who doesn’t want tips from a former fat girl…

I went from 240 pounds to 177 pounds and it did take some time but the weight is STAYING off! I want to be clear when I say I didn’t use any fast fixes or magic pills and to be honest, I don’t support them. The body you want is there, but you do need to honor and work for it! I am not exactly where I wanna be yet, but that’s the fun of a journey, and I hope you can use these tips for yours!

~ Tips ~

Treat Bags!

Late-night snack cravings are unavoidable for me so I make “treat bags.” Essentially what you’re going to do is pick a calorie amount your comfortable with (200-400 calories is my personal goal) and find the 100 calorie versions of your favorite snacks and make grab-and-go bags! I’m a salty and sweet snacker so I snack on Bada Bean Bada Boom and Better Bites cookie dough bites to satisfy those cravings at a good calorie point! When I tell you they have 100 calorie versions of ALMOST everything, it makes this so easy to follow!

Commercial Workout Breaks!

Binge-watching TV is my specialty on a bad day, which always leads to beating myself up over wasted days. We know everything has some kind of ad break and that’s the perfect time to get a quick burn in! I like to pick one exercise, usually bodyweight so I don’t need anything extra and I do it until the show comes back! This is how I make sure to get ab workouts in since they are my least favorite! Think crunches, planks, mountain climbers. Remember it doesn’t matter how “small” you start!

Replace one meal a week with a veggie swap!

You don’t have to be vegan like me to know that veggies are important! Before I even went vegan I started to slowly replace the meat versions of food with a veggie option. My first and easiest swap would be skipping the fried chicken parmigiana dinner to a baked eggplant parmigiana dinner, I still got the taste and crunch I was craving, but from a veggie. Another great swap is instead of takeout pepperoni pizza, make-at-home English muffin pizzas with loads of veggie toppings! I find the easiest way to make a swap is to start with your favorite “junk” foods!


When I started this journey, I DESPISED working out. I hated every second of it until I stumbled upon dance workouts to music I enjoyed. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have “living room concerts” every once in a while so why not make them choreographed? If I have NO motivation to workout I throw on a youtube dance work out the ones I usually range from 15-25 minutes and feel light years better after! You know a good playlist can take anything from boring to a blast and that applies to a workout as well! (let me know if you want my workout video playlist in the comments!!)

Have an accountability partner!

Trust me when I say it is not limited to one partner. You can have friends on Instagram, people you text, or FaceTime workout buddies! It’s so important to be surrounded by supportive people when you are on a journey like this. Some days do get hard and it’s amazing to have someone to vent about it with and on the other days you want someone to celebrate some victories with! If you need someone to vent to or to cheer you up, my insta DMs are always open!!


Remember to take each day as they come, you are on a journey and you deserve to enjoy it! Don’t beat yourself up over the small stuff and celebrate every victory! What’s a weight loss tip you live by?

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