Positive Sleep Affirmations

Happy Wednesday!

I know, I know I usually post affirmations on Monday but to be honest, I wasn’t feeling it! I think it would be a disservice to post affirmations from the wrong mindset. This week I wanna focus on some sleep affirmations. On my late nights’ scrolling thru Instagram, I noticed many other users doing the same, and sleep is so important! For sleep affirmations, I def had to break out this pic of my pup Winston because he’s the best sleeper I know.


I release the day.

My bedroom is a sleep sanctuary.

I deserve this rest.

I am grateful for tomorrow.

Sleep is a natural process.

Nighttime is my time to heal.

I am thankful for the day.

Tomorrow I will wake up refreshed.

With sleep comes clarity.

I am safe.

I hope you all sleep as well as Winston tonight! Let me know your favorite sleep affirmations in the comments!

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