Affirmations for Anxiety.

Anxiety can sneak up on anyone at any time.

This last week has been so trying for so many. I missed last weeks affirmations because of the storm that hit Texas. I am still processing what happened and what’s still happening around the state, it seems like a blur. I find myself asking if it really happened, the state was failed in so many ways. This week I wanna focus on affirmations to hopefully help with your anxiety. I will be including places to donate to help people affected by the storm. #TexasStrong


I am releasing my worries.

I am in control of my stress levels.

I forgive myself for choosing fear.

I focus on the things I can fix and release the things I cannot.

I am thankful I get to live another day.

I will be excited about what could go right instead of worrying about what could go wrong.

I am more than my fears.

I send love to my doubts.

I am patient with myself and my thoughts.

I am healing more each day.

Places to Donate

To help those without a home you can donate here.

To help children who are missing meals you can donate here.

To help those who are incarcerated you can donate here.

To help the people in Austin you can donate here.

If you can’t donate you can always share information on your social media and spread the word on how to help.

This isn’t a normal time, especially after the year that 2020 was. Be kind to yourself and others.

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