Affirmations for the Week Ahead

Happy 2nd Monday of February!

Last week I asked if you say your affirmations in the morning or in the evening and realized I never told you that I prefer to say them in the morning. Personally it sets a tone for my day and I need that encouragement for myself! I think it’s a good way to connect to yourself before connection to all your social media. Small reminder that strangers liking you on the internet will never beat like yourself in real life.


I am capable and I am equipped for whatever comes my way.

I am fearless.

My best gift is my life.

I am proud of my decisions.

I attract success simply by being myself.

I am multifaceted.

I focus on growth rather than perfection.

I love seeing my confidence grow everyday.

My life is in harmony with what is best for me.

I release my negative thoughts to create space for positive ones.

Check out how I’m using the S.A.V.E.R.S Morning Method to easily incorporate affirmations into my life daily!

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