Affirmations For a Positive Mindset

“Change your Mind, change your life”

Okay, okay, I know you can’t just change your mind then your whole life will change instantly, but hear me out. When’s the last time you told yourself something nice? When’s the last time you took 5 minutes to tell yourself only nice things? Exactly, carve out a couple of minutes this (and every other Monday) for yourself. Here are some affirmations I’ve seen over time to help have a more positive mindset for the day.

  1. My thoughts become my reality.
  2. My thoughts are full of positivity.
  3. I am in control of my thoughts.
  4. My mind is full of amazing ideas.
  5. My strength is greater than my struggles.
  6. My mind is at peace.
  7. My mind is wired for success.
  8. My body achieves what my mind believes.
  9. I will keep the promises I set to myself.
  10. My mind is a magnet and I will be mindful of my thoughts.

I will be posting affirmations to hopefully help start your week with a better frame of mind. Remember, just saying these words won’t change your life. You are worth nice things and you deserve to feel good, even when it’s difficult.

Have an amazing week! Feel free to share an affirmation in the comments that makes you feel good!

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