10 Things 2020 Taught Me

2020 has been a YEAR, to say the least…

However, we all (hopefully) learned a lot, about the world, the people around us, and ourselves.

  1. Stretch. Even if it’s only a couple minutes a day, your body is your home, you should treat it kindly.
  2.  Don’t dull your shine for anyone. Stars don’t fight for attention in the night sky.
  3. Use your voice! Stand up for what you believe in, fight for what’s right.
  4. Read. It’s so easy to waste the day away on social media consuming everyone else’s energy, it’s good to disconnect for a bit.
  5. Invest in Blue Light Lenses.  We are looking at screens more and more and you need to protect your eyes!
  6. Family can be toxic. and it’s okay to put yourself first.
  7. Shop Small. This has been a tough year for everyone and there are so many amazing creatives out there!
  8. SLOW down. There is so much to appreciate all around you and even tho the world seems to be moving so fast, you can slow your mind!
  9. Get a planner. The organization has hit an all-time high during 2020 but why stop at your pantry when you can organize your whole life.
  10. Sleep is important. I never had a “set” bedtime but adding a wind-down routine to my nights improved my sleep quality by lightyears.

All of these things I have taken for granted for a long long time. I’ve learned minimizing myself doesn’t help anyone and being authentically me doesn’t hurt anyone either. I hope you all learned to hug YOURSELF a little tighter this year since we couldn’t really hug anyone else. I hope you found your shine, I hope you believe you are beautiful just the way you are, and I hope you learned you are worthy of everything that is coming your way. I hope you learned sharing your blessings is more important than receiving them.

Here’s to more love in 2021.

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