Expedition Roasters Coffee Review

Disney and coffee basically run thru my veins.

I have drank coffee for as long as I can remember, I used to sneak not one but TWO Dunkin’ Iced coffees into high school every day. This year something in me switched and coffee started giving me terrible bouts of anxiety so I switched to matcha. I do love matcha and have a couple recipes to make yummy matcha lattes, but some days I just need the taste of COFFEE! Expediton Roasters had EVERYTHING I could ever dream of!

I stumbled across this Instagram account @expeditionroasters one day and was surprised to see beautiful Disney themed packaging, naturally I followed immediately and started browsing the site. The packaging just kept getting better and better, I saw inspiration pulled from movies, rides, characters which makes it so much more personal than just a cup of coffee. The names of the different coffees are so creative and just all around so fun, expect to see things along the lines of “Devilish Dame”, “Enchanted Tiki Coconut”, and “Dark Side” .

The best part is most of the amazing flavors they have come in DECAF and I knew someone had sprinkled some pixie dust on me! I really wanted to buy every flavor but settled on “Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake” and “Roundup Roast”. Today I’m telling you all about the Roundup Roast since I finished the bag in record time.

Roundup Roast

Howdy partners! This here Expedition Roasters Roundup Roast is the Rootiness, Tootiness, Coffee in the Wild, Wild, West!
So gather ’round the campfire for everyone’s favorite Sheriff’s latest brew.
It’s a warm melted S’mores in a mug!” – Expedition Roasters

Howdy Partner is the perfect way to offer someone this delish cup of coffee! It’s a medium roast with hints of chocolate and marshmallow, but isn’t overpowering at all, coffee is for sure the leader of this tasty flavor palette. I like to enjoy this warm with oatmilk, cinnamon and a touch of agave.

Make sure to come back for my review of the “Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake” flavor and be sure to comment on what flavors you wanna try! Shop these coffee flavors and many more here.

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