Melissa Shoes Review – Vegan, Sustainable, and Scented.

I will never forget the first time I saw someone wearing Melissa shoes! I was working at a local shop in ATX and I saw this woman wearing the cutest (and comfortable) looking shoes, I had to stop her and start asking questions. She went on to tell me that she was “obsessed” and they were “so comfortable” and “smelled like bubblegum.” She offered to let me smell them and I kindly declined but asked her where she purchased them and she said she scored them at Nordstrom.

Photo from Pinterest

For reference, she was wearing the Melissa Mule sandal in this amazing blush pink color. I started my hunt online that day as soon as I clocked out, but a bunch of sketchy-looking sites popped up when I searched them, and was certain this woman lied to me to keep these perfect shoes a secret. Then the world turned upside down with COVID, and suddenly I had no job and ample time. The search started up again and I found the actual website, or so I thought. I put my email in to get the coupon code for my first purchase and started browsing, I found the perfect Fall/Winter version I wanted, I quickly added it to my cart and applied my code and it didn’t work. This is where the magic happened, I reached out to the customer service email and explained what happened with my code and she offered me a new code, so I was able to get the most perfect boots and a DISCOUNT! I was so grateful for the amazing customer service.

The package got here in just 6 days and I tore it open like a kid on Christmas! Obviously, the first thing I did was smell the shoes, and that lady from months ago was NOT lying they literally smelled just like bubblegum! The packaging was amazing each shoe came wrapped in its own little dust bag so they wouldn’t get scuffed in transit. These shoes are beyond comfortable and I say that with confidence because as soon as I opened them I put them on and had a FULL Ariana Grande dance party in the living room to celebrate. I love how these can make a simple outfit look so much more put together!

What’s any of that have to do with being Vegan and Sustainable?

This video explains everything! These shoes can be recycled, reused, and transform into a whole different shoe!

The best part is how many styles they actually have. You can choose from sneakers to boots, to high heels, and it doesn’t stop there, you can also find purses on the site (which is linked below) as well! This post is NOT sponsored but I can’t get over how amazing this brand is and what to share it with y’all!

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