Disney Peloton Ride Review!

After canceling all three of my Disney trips this year, I decided to treat myself with something! I ordered a Peloton, I’ve been wanting one for a WHILE!

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A little back story, I started taking spin classes back in December almost as a joke with one of my friends, but got quickly obsessed with them! Fast forward to July and for obvious 2020 reasons I haven’t been going since February, I really missed taking classes and doing workouts I really enjoyed, so I made the choice to buy a Peloton! The buying process was simple, a wonderful person helped me check out and answered all the questions I had about shoes, delivery, and the bike itself. It took about a month to get here which like every other month this year seemed to go so fast, yet so slow! The delivery people were extremely kind and helpful “contactless delivery” means he had to explain how to set up the bike and the screen. My bike got here right at the beginning of August and I couldn’t be happier! The best part… THE DISNEY THEMED CLASSES!

I saw that one of the instructors, Emma Lovewell had a “20 minute Pop Ride” so I checked out the playlist, and I thought I found the holy grail! The 20-minute class had a 7 track DISNEY playlist, with songs from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Frozen, and more! That is one of my favorite perks of the peloton, I can see what songs are in a class before I take it, there is nothing worse than being in the spin zone and hearing a song you dislike, it totally kills the vibe! The difficulty rating on this ride (another amazing perk) was 7.2/10, I figured I could do it since I’ve been to classes before, I will say it was kind of hard, but so much FUN! I ended up singing and dancing almost this whole ride, minus the “climbs”. It was clear the instructor loved Disney as she was singing along and recalling Disney memories throughout the ride!

I’m aware these aren’t the most flattering pictures, but I think its important to be honest about your experiences, especially with fitness and weight loss journeys! Clearly, at the end of the ride I was sweaty, red, but still smiling! That is why I think I liked spin classes so much, the music, the positivity, and the feeling of “oh my gosh, I really just did that!!” I would absolutely give this ride a 10 out of 10 for the playlist alone, but like I said The instructor was absolutely amazing, and the fact that two very big parts of my life came together was really the cherry on top!

Back in January, I had made a choice to get in to shape this year, I originally had a trip in November and wanted to feel better about myself, take pictures and not hate them all, and just have a better overall experience on my trip! Covid-19 threw that plan for a loop, but I’m still working on me for me! You can follow along with my fitness/weight-loss journey over on my Instagram @likejustjess .

One thought on “Disney Peloton Ride Review!

  1. As in all aspects of life, if you work hard for something, you attain what you seek, nothing is free in life, so peddle away on your well deserved peloton, and let the tunes keep you peddling


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