What’s the Scoop on Club 33?

“If ya have to ask, it’s too EXPENSIVE” – the usual response to any question about Club 33.


The Original Club 33 was one of Walt’s visions that he, unfortunately, didn’t get to see, however, it has manifested itself into many other locations for more people (with big wallets) to enjoy! This exclusive club started as a place for Walt to take meetings with clients and investors, a place that was was Disney but away from the crowds. It’s exactly what you’re thinking… a fancy and private lounge with many added benefits.

The Cost


Understandably the cost is a pretty penny, after your $33,000 membership fee you can expect $15,000 in annual fees each year. To even be considered as a member you’ll be waiting at least 10 years on the waitlist, unless you ~know someone~ and get invited. Others have reported you can possibly get in sooner if you write the board a nice letter, but that’s just a rumor!

The Perks

Your first perk is a great one, the buyer, the buyer’s spouse, and children under 26 will all receive premiere passports. What’s a Premiere Passport? Well, it’s basically the golden ticket, unlimited park access at both Disney World and Disneyland and unlimited Photopass downloads, free parking, and discounts on basically everything! Don’t worry about your friends because another perk is fifty 1 day Park Hopper passes, and those are yours to give out. If you are feeling extra special you can also use redeem one of your five Day Long VIP tours around the parks, you know cutting the lines, living the high life. One perk that is super interesting to me is you get instant FastPass+ reservations, but the number is unknown, but seeing the other perks, I’m willing to bet that it’s a decent number!


The Locations

In Walt Disney World there are four locations to enjoy, one in each park.

In the Magic Kingdom, you can find the entrance to Club 33’s Captains Quarters in Adventureland! I’m sure you walked by here plenty of times not even noticing this hidden little gem.

In EPCOT you can find the Constellation Club hidden in the American Adventures pavilion! Just a simple white door with a fancy doorbell, that’s so easy to stroll by!

The Spotlight Lounge can be found inside the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood Studios, again another something you could miss if you aren’t looking!

I saved the best entrance for last, which is the Harambe House in Animal Kingdom!


I for one hope to get invited to this club at least once in my life because it is truly what dreams are made of! Each club is based on Walt and Lillian’s world travels and that’s something I NEED to see!

Would this be on the top of your list if you won the lottery? Let me know in the comments!


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