Did Someone say Disney Wine?

Let’s face it, a lot of us aren’t getting back to Disney soon and that’s okay! I’ve had to cancel 3 trips this year and I’m a little upset, but there are so many ways to bring Disney to you!

Beverage Journal

You might be familiar with the Once Upon a Vine wine that you can usually score in the resort gift shops and in Disney Springs. If not they are fun Disney inspired wines! The best wine store (linked below) is currently selling the bottles at pretty good price points and has some different varieties to choose from!


I did notice some of the varieties sold out already, I think we can blame that on this quarantine! Not to worry because if you enter your email, they will let you know when it restocks! At the time of this blog, it seems they have “Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc” and “A Charming Pinot”


Grab your favorite Disney chocolate and pour a glass, and watch (the best Disney firework show) WISHES from your couch of course! Remember the magic is what you make it, not where you are!

The DIS Youtube

How are you bringing the Magic home?

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