Outfit Inspo for each Disney Park!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE using Disney Parks for outfit inspiration!

Hollywood Studios

We should all take some advice from the one and only Edna Mode, and that advice is “You need a new suit, that much is certain.” Most of us are guilty of buying new clothing for our Disney trips, so why not make it fun and use the Parks as inspiration for your outfits! I know you’re probably looking at my out saying what does that outfit have to do with Hollywood Studios? Listen, I had a mission that day and that mission was to meet Edna Mode. I had to wear an interactive outfit with my flannel acting as a “cape” and let me tell you, the photographers were cracking jokes about it, the people waiting in line loved the interactions between me and Edna while she was pulling at my flannel jokingly! Dressing to match the parks is surprisingly easy since you can pick a ride, a character, or a color scheme based on what YOU like giving you plenty of options but room for individuality!

Magic Kingdom

For the Magic Kingdom, I personally like to keep it simple because I love all the different colors and prefer for them to pop instead of my outfit! I also love to play up Mickey Mouse when I go to MK, since ya know he’s the main mouse and all and again, I love a good character interaction photo op! I couldn’t include MK without a shoutout to Dole Whips, the most refreshing treat in the park!


Epcot for me is all about comfort!! I feel as though I spend A LOT of time walking around and snacking (especially during food and wine)! Biker shorts and an oversized t-shirt is my go-to for this park! You can also play up your favorite pavilion from the World Showcase or just give the park a shout out with a simple comfy tee!

Animal Kingdom

I gotta admit, I spilled a rum dole whip on my cute animal print shirt when I went to the Animal Kingdom last time before pictures, so I didn’t take many! However, when I think about AK I automatically think animal prints and earth tones! I love this park so much and again, it’s a park I frequently wear biker shorts because of how humid the park is! Another fun outfit if you happen to love Festival of the Lion King as much as I do is to bring Simba (or your favorite Lion King character) into the outfit mix!

Mouse Unleashed

What is your go-to Park outfit? Do you find yourself dressing for comfort or style? Let me know in the comments!

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