Hats Off to Chef José Andrés!

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” — James Beard


Chef José Andrés has a popular spot in Disney Springs you might have heard of called JALEO that serves up some amazing Spanish cuisine. This extraordinary restaurant is two floors and full of exquisite art, as if that wasn’t enough you can order a Paella dish of the day that they prepare in 45 minutes just for you! While JALEO is currently closed due to COVID-19 it’s not stopping Chef Andrés from helping hungry people all around with his World Central Kitchen organization. He’s been dedicated to making sure people are not going hungry while we all deal with these crazy times. World Central Kitchen is working with the restaurants to help them with business while providing free meals to people, how this works is the charity will pay restaurant owners around $10 per meal and guarantee to cover hundreds of meals a day for an agreed-upon period. The charity is slated to pay for 1 million meals working with over 400 restaurants. Chef Andrés has 30 restaurants of his own including this gem in Disney Springs and he recently tweeted that when his restaurants open he will be providing free meals to healthcare workers for the rest of the year!


Thankful always for the healthcare professionals and all they do and a thank you to all the people working with World Central Kitchen! If you would like to learn more about the organization check out the link below!


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