A Little Mid-Week Pixie Dust!

Boy oh boy are y’all in for a treat!

While scrolling through Disney Facebook Groups last night, because let’s be honest what else would I be doing when I can’t sleep, I FOUND THE BEST POST ON THE INTERNET! Of course, I had to share it with you because it brought the biggest smile to my face during these crazy times, and luckily Ben Litwin was nice enough to let me!

Disney In Every Way

“Hey Disney friends, I may have been a little bored today and I wrote (or I guess rewrote) a thing. I contemplated making a video of me performing it and then realized I am not Idina Menzel” is what the original Facebook post said before dropping a whole “let it go!” remix with Ben’s original lyrics.

Don’t You Go!

Written by Ben Litwin

The streets look wide and super empty tonight,
Not a person to be seen. 
A kingdom of isolation,
And it looks like, quarantine. 

It seems like we have to stay all alone inside
Shouldn’t see your friends,
Please don’t even try.

Don’t gather more than with 50
According to the cdc
Conceal yourself inside your home
And stream your shows!

Don’t you go!
Don’t you go!
Can’t be in groups anymore
Don’t you go!
Don’t you go!
Anywhere but the grocery store. 

I don’t care
What you’re going to say. 
Let the world go on. 
You can always FaceTime with friends anyways. 

Having social distance
Can make R-zero small,
And using basic hygiene
Can’t hurt you, not at all. 

It’s time to flatten the peak curve. 
Delay the spike! Haven’t you heard!
There’s a right choice, now can’t you see!

Don’t you go!
Don’t you go!
Be one with your sofa seat. 
Don’t you go!
Don’t you go!
We’ll all think you’re really neat. 

Home you’ll be,
And home you’ll stay.
Let the world go on…

The virus flurries through the air onto your face
For a lot of us we may not ever feel even a trace
But no symptoms does not mean we can’t pass it on.
We’ve got to do our part 
So we can still be strong!

Don’t you go!
Don’t you go!
You can sleep in well pass dawn.
Don’t you go!
Don’t you go!
It’s the chosen path we’re on.

Home you’ll be,
Every night and day.
Let the world go on!
You can always FaceTime with friends anyways.

I would love to thank my caffeine addiction to having me stay up way too late to get to see this amazing post by Ben and would love to thank him for letting me share this Disney Magic with my readers! I included an instrumental version of the song so your Quarantine Living Room Concert could be top-notch!

Stay positive and make the best out of what seems like the worse!

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