Spread some Pixie Dust!

Happy Saturday!

“Laughter is America’s most important export.” – Walt Disney


The craziness taking over every Disney social media outlet is not going to shake my positive attitude and my readers are absolutely who I want to uplift during these times. First things first, I’d like to say I’m so sorry a lot of you guys are going through the hassle of canceling your trips. I know that must be, not only a pain but a big let down! I’m really happy Disney is taking precautions to keep everyone healthy by closing it’s doors, just because of how fast this virus spreads.

Disney Fanatic

While this is a crappy time to be waiting around to find out about refunds and rescheduling, please remember to be kind to the castmembers and travel agents helping you! I’m sure they are working over-time to get everyone all the information they need, while also worrying about the same things we are all a little nervous about. I know most people are staying home so really all we have is time right now, so what’s a little longer wait while listening to a Disney themed ringback! Stay positive and help spread some pixie dust because you never know who needs it!


If you’re like me and look up Disney things to get your mind off this madness, don’t worry I won’t be posting any negativity over here on Objessed, so come back for some more magic tomorrow!

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