Disney Snacks You Probably Forgot About!

I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic lately and started thinking about all the Disney Snacks I used to eat as a kid. Which obviously led me down a Disney snack spiral! I wanted to share some of the snacks I think they should bring back!


This cereal came out in 2002 and turned your milk blue and had mickey shaped marshmallows! I mean what more could a kid want?! Buzz, Pooh, and The Hakuna Matata crew got their cereal as well!

Disney had the frozen treats on lock way before you could get Mickey Premium Bars at your local grocery store! My fave was the bug pops!

I’m not sure if this one technically counts, but Disney owns Star Wars now so I think it makes the cut! Somewhere between a poptart and a waffle Eggo dropped this little gem and look, you got a Star Wars plate (by mail) of course!

What Disney treat do you miss the most? Let me know if I missed your fave in the comments!


One thought on “Disney Snacks You Probably Forgot About!

  1. Jessica, I forgot a lot of these items, I remember we would buy them on sale and you kids loved them, I did see plain Mickey waffles the other day at store also made by kelloggs, nice memories


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