Annual Passholder Exclusives for the Flower & Garden Festival!

Orange you glad it’s almost the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot! Starting on March 4th and running through June 1st, this festival sure seems to have quite the orange theme going on and I’m so excited about it! As Passholders, we get a couple of exclusives to look forward to.


First up the coveted Passholder Magnets! This festival will have TWO one featuring Donald and The Orange Bird! Donald will be available for the first half of the festival from March 4th – April 19th. The Orange bird will close the festival from April 20th – June 1st. Remember to pack your annual pass and a photo ID to pick up your magnet.

From the preview Disney showed us we can expect two sippers, one featuring the Orange Bird and the other is a Spike the Bee sipper. Spike the Bee is an older character from the 1940s who is making a comeback!


We will also be seeing some more tees and pins that haven’t been released yet but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing! Always remember to use your pass to get your 20% discount on these items!

Are you heading to The Flower and Garden Festival this year?

One thought on “Annual Passholder Exclusives for the Flower & Garden Festival!

  1. Well it looks like you will be getting the orange bird at the time your going, but don’t be shy, ask to see if any Donald ones are left over, just maybe you will get pixie dusted, it will look awesome on fridge with the other annual pass magnets


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