Little Things to Remember for a Magical Trip!

I’m still on cloud nine after booking a 2 week Disney trip for later this year! However, it got me thinking… what do I ALWAYS forget and wish I had packed for my Disney World Vacation? So I’m going to share 5 things to add to your packing list!


LAYERS!!! I know everyone books a trip and figures “it’s Florida it will be hot” but that’s not always the case, don’t pack your big winter coat but pack your favorite flannel or light rain jacket. Plus sometimes the resturants are really cold! You can almost always catch me with a flannel tied around my waist while in Disney, because it can got from 80 to 60 after the sun sets.


HAIRTIES, PONY TAILS, ELASTICS, whatever you call em, don’t forget em! Throw a couple in your makeup bag or carry on! I remember only packing one hair tie and it snapping in the middle of my trip, even super cute mickey ears couldn’t save my bad hair days.


CHAPSTICK! Your lips can get a sunburn, and usually do if you aren’t taking care of them. Remember to keep them hydrated. I also suggest using an actual chap STICK instead of one that comes in a pot that you’d need to use your fingers to put on to avoid germs,


BANDAIDS and TYLENOL! I’m going to assume we all walk way more while in Disney and your feet/legs are going to feel it! You never know when a blister is going to pop up, or when you’ll get a migraine and I’m sure you don’t wanna pay hotel gift shop prices for something as small as first aid items!


HAND SANITIZER! Lots of people means lots of germs, you can never be too careful. The amount of times I’ve seen children (and adults) forget their manners and sneeze into their hands and touch things makes my stomach turn a little. It’s always better to have one in your purse, fanny pack, or backpack.

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