Vegan Review: Fish & Chips from Rose & Crown!

Hey guys! I thought I should do another vegan review because I didn’t realize how in demand they are! Epcot has amazing plant-based options and Rose and Crown did not disapoint!

If you wanna check out my other vegan reviews I’ll link them below!

I know that this doesn’t look like much, but looks can be deceiving! I would have never guessed that mushy peas would be a highlight of my trip. This was a simple yet super filling meal! The fish filets are Gardein brand fishless filets which you can usually find at Target, however they are deep fried to perfection and served with a to die for tartar sauce! I personally didn’t like “regular” tarter sauce before I went vegan and asked for some more of this plant based version! It was super creamy and had a nice lemony pop! I mean who doesn’t like french fries, I mean chips with their fried fish!


The food wasn’t the only great part of dining here, the staff was extremely knowledgable about the plant based options, because they have 4 different vegan ones! (Don’t worry I’m heading back down soon to try the others). The service was so amazing here I asked to speak to the manager to give her and her staff some cast member complements!

All Ears

Have you had any of the vegan options at Rose & Crown, what did you think?

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