Disney Ticket Price Increase!

Hey guys! I usually keep quiet on topics that are so controversial in the Disney universe, but this one I just can’t anymore! As a Disney lifestyle blogger, I am a member of various Disney Groups on Facebook and the negativity I’ve been seeing is INSANE!


First things first, Disney is a luxury vacation, and I think people need to realize this. There are many ways to save up for a Disney vacation, and even more ways to save while on your Disney vacation. There’s plenty of options to stay off property, pack your own meals, and you don’t have to buy everything you see while on vacation. Planning any kind of trip takes some research, and Pinterest is your friend!


The price increases are actually not that much. While I do agree that they could maybe go up every other year, it’s Disney and they are going to try and make ALL the money they can!

  • Disney Platinum Plus Annual Pass up to $1295 from $1219 +76.00$
  • Disney Platinum Annual Pass up to $1195 from $1119 +76.00$
  • Disney Gold Annual Pass up to $719 from $699 +20.00$
  • Disney Silver Annual Pass up to $539 from $519 +20.00$
  • Disney Weekday Select Annual Pass up to $369 from $349 +20.00$

We also have to keep in mind all the new things coming to the parks! New things mean higher prices, look at all the charges coming to EPCOT alone.

Disney Parks

I have been seeing people saying they “won’t tip” at Disney restaurants, “Goodbye minorities” and “no more entitled POOR people” because of this price increase. If you read my blog and feel that way, kindly unfollow. I truly believe Disney is the “happiest place in the world” and happy people don’t say such cruel things.

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