Even More Baby Yoda Merch

I feel like every other day we are getting some new Baby Yoda merch, while I’m not a Star Wars girl myself, I do think he’s adorable!


I am such a fan of dad hats, and this one is no exception! It’s simple and is the perfect way to complete an outfit. (Or hide a bad hair day, who am I to judge). Along with a bunch of other Star Wars Merch, this little guy can be found in Hollywood Studios at Keystone Clothiers for around 28.00$.

How I would Style

Where to Buy

Body suit – Top Shop

Jeans – Topshop “Jaime” style

Jacket – H&M

Belt- H&M

Purse – ASOS

This is a pretty basic outfit, and you probably have similar pieces in your closet. You can use your fave pieces to put your spin on this outfit! I like to keep my style pretty simple especially when traveling. I think adding a fun colored bag really gives this look a lil’ pop! I have learned to always bring layers to Disney World since it’s typically much cooler at night, and February can be extremely cold from my experiences!

If you recreate this look remember to tag me on Instagram so I can repost your look!


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