5 Tips for Planning a Disney Trip!

I’m in the middle of planning a couple of trips to Disney this year and as much as I love to plan, I get how people see this as overwhelming! I just wanted to share some tips I find super helpful while planning a Disney Vacation!


Download the My Disney Experience app on your phone as soon as possible! Before you even decide to start planning just mess around on the app, get used to how to navigate it. You can do all kinds of things on there, mobile order food, check wait times, and make all your reservations. You will be using this app a lot on your trip so it’s better to know how to work it, instead of getting frustrated at the moment!


Once you know the dates of your trip the best thing to do is break down your trip into “park days”. Check out what parks have Extra Magic Hours that week! You can find this out by heading to the Disney website and clicking on the Parks & Tickets tab! While EMH is only available to Disney resort guests, you can still start breaking down your week into days by picking a park a day!



Once you pick days for each park take a break! If you’re staying on Disney Property you can start making dining reservations 180 before your trip, and if you have some places you’re dying to try, you better get to it! I usually will plan all of my dining for the week in one day, ASAP, those reservations go fast! Try to find times that work for you and your family and book the reservation, you can always change it later if need be! You can book reservations on your app, the website or by calling Disney!


Now you’re 60 days out from your trip, which means you can book your Fast Pass+ selections! Which should be a breeze since you already know where and what time you are eating! You can pick 3 Fast Pass selections per park per day, you will need to use all of them before you can make more. Workaround the times you have chosen for your meal and for what works with your family! It is way less intimidating to pick a time when you can narrow it down to before or after a meal, trust me! You can search by morning, afternoon, and evening, along with specific times as shown below!

Touring Plans


All your park days should be pretty much done now, you can fine-tune your park days to fit in shows or to grab some snacks that will fit your timeline. Now time to plan your “free days” or travel days! I like to keep it simple on those days and use them for doing laundry by the resort pool, or some last-minute photos in parks. Another thing you can do is use those days to get some extra time in your favorite park and possibly score some great Fast Pass selections! (I’m lookin’ at you Soarin’)!


The most important thing about planning a Disney Vacation is to have fun! If it gets overwhelming, take a break, or you can always call Disney for some magical advice as well!

One thought on “5 Tips for Planning a Disney Trip!

  1. Jess, great information, hopefully some of the new people see this and get some ideas, also its in your blood to make planning easier, Grandma ran a travel company, your brother Will has been making family plans for a while, Aunt Virginia ran a catering business, so give folks the tips to make there experience that much easier, keep up the great work


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