Save The Date!

I loved watching Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings on Freeform, it was the perfect wedding show! It didn’t have petty drama and whiny brides like most other wedding show out there, but it kind of just disappeared. Now it all makes sense because Season 2 is coming to Disney+, which will be the new home for the series.

The Knot

If you’re not familiar with the show, tWitch (aka Stephen Boss) and his wife Allison Holker are the hosts of this magical show. You might know of them, tWitch is the DJ on The Ellen Show and Allison is a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars!


This beautiful couple will be helping other amazing couples have their Disney dream wedding starting on, you guessed it, February 14th! There will be 16 magical love stories over the course of 8 episodes season. We will be able to watch romantic proposals, weddings in front of the castle and a Disney Cruise wedding! The best part is they show the couples sitting with Disney wedding planners, so get your notebooks ready! In the meantime, the first season of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings is streaming on Disney+.


Will you be tuning in? Let me know!

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