The Epcot Experience is Expanding!

The Epcot Experience has found a home in the Odyssey building aka the building between the Mexico Pavilion and Test Track. I popped in on my last trip pretty much on accident and boy was I happy I did! The experience has light refreshments and some specialty photo ops. Perhaps the best part was the movie/ mini set of what going to be happening to Epcot over the next couple of years!

Soon you’ll be able to grab quick-service items here like flatbreads, salads, chicken nuggets, and of course dessert! For sure a step up from the popcorn and craft beers they were serving back in November!

The photographers seemed more willing to try fun poses and there were fewer people awkwardly staring at you since most people walk right by this place! While we don’t know how long The Epcot Experience is here for we can at least conclude that it will be around a little longer with these new menu items coming! It’s a one-stop shop, get your photos done, experience a small show and grab a bite to eat, all while beating the Florida heat!

Will you be stopping in to check out these new menu items? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “The Epcot Experience is Expanding!

  1. Always nice to see what the future holds at Disney, and your right, most people walk right bye there, also looks like you had a fun time venturing around, and nice quiet place to get a few photos


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