5 Tips for your First Solo Trip!

If you’ve been reading a while you know I’m the queen of solo trips! There is something so refreshing about Disney when you don’t have to worry about anything. After my first solo trip, I decided I’d take at least one every year.

My most recent trip was in November of last year, and I had an absolute blast! I even went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and even alone I was able to get in the Christmas spirit!


Stay at an All Star Resort, I’m not kidding! It’s the perfect sized room for one and you can save a little cash to buy some more drinks around the world! (Plus the cafe is open pretty late if you need a midnight snack)


There’s no need to over plan but still, have an idea. It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed in Disney especially when you’re alone, it’s like sensory overload! I find it helpful to break my vacation into a park a day. If there’s a restaurant that I’m dying to try I make the reservation, and I use my Fast Passes for rides that don’t have single rider lines in the park. It makes planning much easier and gives you way more flexibility with your day.


Actually, watch parades and shows! I know most people skip these to try to get the shorter lines during these times, but if you already have fast passes for your top rides, the park is your oyster! I couldn’t believe all the magic I missed by skipping the parades. So grab your favorite from Starbucks and plop down on Main Street USA, rest those feet and enjoy the magic that you don’t have to walk to!

I sat for an hour before the MVMCP parade for a great seat and lucked out and got this photo!


If you get hungry and don’t have a reservation set for your day and want a sit-down meal, just ask at some restaurants! You’d be surprised how many times I’ve walked up to places said I was a party of 1 and with little to no wait was seated! My favorite was Rose and Crown in Epcot for the vegan fish and chips! This doesn’t always happen but it is usually worth inquiring about.

I think about this meal at least once a week!


Strike up conversations with not only other guests in line but also the cast members you come across! I met three other women on solo trips in November and it was great to have someone to chat with to pass by time in lines, or on the bus and other transportation options.

Most importantly have fun and live life like no one is watching, because honestly if there’s one place people aren’t actually looking at you, it’s Disney!

One thought on “5 Tips for your First Solo Trip!

  1. Best advice I heard in a long time, live life like no one is watching, and love that you are still a sociable person enjoying chatting with other people, it is fun, I haven’t been solo yet, but I talk to anyone and conversations are usually interesting, and I am a old key west guy, yet stayed pretty much at every hotel, not yet at the All Star, yet I hear that the rooms and grounds are sometimes more pleasant than the more expensive rooms, so keep enjoying life Jessica, that’s what’s it all about

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