God Bless.. The American Adventure in EPCOT?!

Well, I’m sure you guys are getting used to something new coming to Disney World every day, and I might never get tired of it. This latest news is something that for sure shocked me!


The restaurant located in the American Adventure in EPCOT is getting redone and will now be the Regal Eagle Smokehouse and it is projected to open this year. That isn’t the big news, who is the host of this new Barbecue joint is, no other than your favorite (maybe) Muppet, Sam Eagle!


This will be a quick-service place to grab a bite, and I must say, the menu looks absolutely Americana. The burgers look big enough to feed two, and the onion rings look like I need them in my life ASAP.

Don’t worry if you’re plant-based like me, they will have an option for us as well! A “plant-based BBQ burger featuring a plant-based patty topped with BBQ jackfruit served on vegan garlic toast.”, which sounds like the best of both worlds if you ask me!

All Ears

What do you think of this new addition, will you be chowing down on some good ol’ barbeque or eating somewhere else?

One thought on “God Bless.. The American Adventure in EPCOT?!

  1. I agree it was time for an upgrade in American Adventure, and the food looks better, so I’m always in a mood for a change as long as it is better and reasonable priced, will try it when I go again, Thank you for the update


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