New Year, New Shoes!

Disney is always giving us some new “fashion” in the form of Crocs and spoiler alert, I might be able to get behind these.

The Disney Fashionista

Look at these lil’ guys, I love how simple and cute they are! I can see my feet recovering in these after walking around the parks all day. If you’ve never owned a pair of Crocs, just know the comfort level is amazing! and you should The slightest bit of Disney magic makes these pop and way more fun then your traditional Crocs.


Are these simple Disney Crocs enough to make you join the movement, or do you still think Crocs are over-rated?

One thought on “New Year, New Shoes!

  1. I always hear how comfy these are, just cant get the thought of wearing them, I don’t know, maybe just the look of them, they look adorable on kids feet, ladies feet, yet for some weird reason, they don’t look good on mens feet, its just me, I know, but every guy I see and know who wear them are all lazy, and all there feet are dirty, lol, must be a mind thingy, who knows maybe ill become lazy and not wash my feet and give them a try


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