Hot Diggity Dog, literally.

Okay, guys, I have been holding off doing this food review, for the simple fact that it was the best vegan quick service meal I ate on my trip. I’m not ready to relive this knowing my next trip is over 100 days away, seriously it was that good.

Photo from DadsGuidetoWDW

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Animal Kingdom has some of the yummiest food! I took my time exploring the park and worked up quite the appetite, and decided to stop in Flame Tree Barbecue. I checked the menu on My Disney Experience app and saw there was an item with the new plant-based symbol and ran there as fast as I could!

Okay so it’s not the prettiest or the easiest to eat, but boy is this Hot Link Smokehouse Sandwich is enough to make me want to book another trip!

Normally I would stay away from this because I’m not usually big on condiments and toppings, but I was hangry and didn’t care. This was spicy beyond brat topped with a barbecue mustard sauce, a crunchy slaw and crispy onions (a personal fave of mine) on a super soft roll. Let me tell you, that barbecue mustard sauce was to die for, it was creamy and tangy and complemented the slaw so well! The beyond brat had a nice snap when you bit into it, which I can never achieve at home, so that was a delight. The slaw was perfect because it still had a slight crunch from the veggies instead of being soggy. They had a mandarin lemonade that had the perfect amount of sweetness to cut this slightly spicy meal. I truly sat there for way too long enjoying this meal and the beautiful views of Animal Kingdom!

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