A lil’ Magic for your Friday!

I have never been more proud to be living in Texas than right now! Why is that you ask? Well, a family in El Paso created their version of Happily Ever After for their Christmas lights! I stumbled upon this video after putting up my Christmas lights and was just in awe!

This 13-minute show took Rick Carrillo 70 to 100 hours Good Morning America reported. The detail is so insane, and the projections are amazing! The show was debuted on December 1st to 45 or so to family members, friends, and neighbors. “…We have a lot of memories with Disney shows … you just get this feeling that anything is possible, your dreams can come true.” is what Carrillo had to say about his display! 

Kudos to this family for blending Disney and Christmas magic for the holidays! I, however, looked much more like Donald Duck setting up my lights! Do you have a holiday light tradition? Let me know!

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