Grand Floridian Gingerbread House.

Is it socially acceptable to live in a gingerbread house, the one at Disney’s Grand Floridian to be specific?

Photo from AllEars.

I don’t know if it’s just me watching too much Food Network around the holidays but this seems to get better every year! The expertise that goes into this gingerbread mansion is mindblowing! This tradition goes back 20 years and I hope it never goes away.

Photo from AllEars.

Is it a tiny house, or is it an edible masterpiece, the line becomes a blur with Disney’s talented pastry chefs work. It takes about 3 days and whole lotta ingredients for them to turn some cookies into this adorably decorated home.

Photo from DisneyFoodBlog.

The detail that goes into this blows my mind, the lines are so precise and clean. The holiday cheer that this gingerbread house brings to so many people is amazing. I mean look at those shingles! On the day of the grand opening, a special princess was there to help cut the rope adding a little extra magic.

Photo from DisneyFoodBlog.

The best part of this interactive experience is the fact that you can buy the gingerbread pieces and some other goodies. Happy to see Disney has some options for the people who are avoiding gluten! Another good thing is that most items are eligible for the Disney dining plan!

Photo from DisneyFoodBlog.

Will you be stopping by The Grand Floridian to see this beauty?

One thought on “Grand Floridian Gingerbread House.

  1. Jessica, I have to agree with you, grand Floridian gingerbread house has always been spectacular, and more creativity each year, I always remember the time, we were on the family vacation, and Aunt Lisa was staying at Grand Floridian, you must of been maybe 5 or 6 years old, and the makers of this gingerbread house, were on the final day of completing, well they had a lot of odd and end pieces, and one of the Chefs started to give sample pieces to all sitting in the lobby, taking in the talent of the Disney Chefs, was delicious, we took a dozen or so pictures and that gesture from the Chefs making all the kids in the lobby smile was priceless, this year the gingerbread house looks phenomenal, now I want to make ginger bread cookies, lol


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