Did you know there’s a Christmas Tree Trail In Disney?

I happened to be in Disney just as they switched over for Christmas this year and I couldn’t be more happy! I did so much exploring and stumbled across things I didn’t even know existed. The biggest one was the Christmas Tree Trail in Disney Springs!

I have to admit I’m not much of a Disney Springs girl and almost avoid it, it’s just not the same Downtown Disney I remember. My last trip day I decided to head over and explore, and boy am I happy I did. I walked into this mass of people and boom! I was surrounded by Christmas music, and magically it was snowing, I was in heaven.

That little blue dot is where you wanna head to see these trees, and if you’re not in Disney, don’t worry I grabbed some pics so just keep scrolling!

The trees are so gorgeous and really make the movies come to life with a little bit of added Christmas magic! The best part of this stroll is that it’s completely free, and I know if I lived driving distance to Disney Springs I’d go often to see this. This interactive exhibit runs through January 5th so you have plenty of time to check it out!


Stop at Erin Mckenna’s to get a yummy vegan and gluten-free snack to munch on while you look at these amazing trees!

One thought on “Did you know there’s a Christmas Tree Trail In Disney?

  1. Disney always follows the details, I noticed even the flooring each tree represents, all have details of each movie, Disney could of just placed them on colored rugs/flooring, but the small details make Disney, also noticed most all of the trees have a dark in color silhouette somewhere behind the trees, just things I see, but nice post Jessica, always a nice find, when you find and inform us all, keep up the good work.


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