What’s comin’ to Disney+ in December

Disney+ has taken over my household for sure, I’ve been busy binging Boy Meets World, That’s So Raven, and I’m keeping up The Imagineering Story!

November came and went faster than my last Disney Vacation! A new month means new releases on Disney+ and I am SO ready!

December 1st:

  • Henry Hugglemonster (seasons 1-2)
  • Miles From Tomorrowland (seasons 1-3)
  • Sheriff Callie’s Wild West (seasons 1-2)
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil (seasons 1-4)
  • The Lion Guard (season 3)
  • Expedition Amelia
  • Garfield
  • Glory Road
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol (season 15)
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol: Blue Ribbon Kids
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol: Jingle Pols
  • Incredible! The Story of Dr. Pol
  • Just Like Me! (seasons 1-2)
  • Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts
  • Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Heart of Iron

December 3rd-5th:

  • One Day at Disney
  • Thor: Ragnarok

December 6th:

  • The Mandalorian, chapter 5
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, episode 105
  • Encore!, episode 105: Annie Get Your Gun
  • Marvel’s Hero Project, episode 105: Mighty Rebekah
  • The Imagineering Story, Part 5: A Carousel of Progress
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum, episode 105, BBQ
  • Forky Asks A Question: What is Love?

December 11th:

  • Alice: Through the Looking Glass

December 13th:

  • The Mandalorian, chapter 6
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, episode 106: What Team?
  • Encore! Episode 106: Oklahoma!
  • Marvel’s Hero Project, episode 106: Make Way For Jahkil
  • The Imagineering Story: Finale, Part 6: To Infinity and Beyond
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum, episode 106: Gaming
  • Forky Asks A Question, What is a Computer?
  • SparkShorts, Wind
Photo from Pinterest.

I’m for sure most excited for the finale of The Imagineering Story but also looking forward to the shorts! What are you most excited to watch this December?

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