A Special Interview!

It’s a very special day y’all, I have an unofficial interview with a long time Disney Fan, and it just happens to be his birthday!

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This person is the reason I have such a deep rooted love for Disney, this person is MY DAD! He has taken me on too many trips to count and I’m forever grateful for that! I’ve been secretly attempting to interview my dad on our phone calls (he still lives up in Boston) but he picks up on things quick. I had to keep it a brief interview but let’s jump in!

The Biggest Disney Fan I know.

My dad’s first trip to Disney was in 1976 with his whole family, and that isn’t anything small, there was 5 siblings in total! My grandma and grandpa starting saving as soon as Disney World opened so they could take their family on a trip. Back in 1976 the only park was Magic Kingdom and it was different from the kingdom we know now for sure! Oh, did I mention that they drove, imagine that, 5 kids driving all the way to Disney from Boston MA in the middle of JULY!

My dad became a Disney Vacation Club Member in 1993, which luckily for me, was right before I was born! He decided to buy into Old Key West Resort and it will forever hold a special place in my heart! If you ask him, he’ll say it’s the resort to go to since the studio rooms are bigger than the other resorts on property. Our family trips have only grown in size with a party of 40 now, we try to get down together every 2 years.

I have so many great memories in Disney with my Dad it is insane! Sometimes I forget that the Old Key West wasn’t my actual second home! Growing up he took me and my family once a year and it was always the best and still is. The funniest memory I have from Old Key West was a time when we were grabbing food at Goode’s to-go to have lunch by the pool and as we were walking one of the birds swooped down and pecked my mom right on the head! Me and my dad laughed for so long obviously after making sure my mom was okay. One time we rented the mini boats they used to have and my dad let me drive, and my uncle and cousin had also rented a boat and my cousin, who’s my age was driving that boat. We’re going along all smoothly until me and my cousin CRASHED the boats! His boat literally came on top of my and my dad shoved it off, needless to say.. we didn’t drive the boats again.

I think my favorite memory of all was getting stuck in Disney for Hurricane Irma! My boyfriend and I, my dad and brother were all stuck in a studio! My dad is always well prepared so when we found out we were trapped, he got a bunch of snacks. I not just wanting chips and salsa decided to attempt microwave nachos with the snacks we had… turns out no one else in the room wanted regular chips anymore so we made a couple plates of micro nachos and had a bunch of laughs!

Happy, happy Birthday Dad! I love you and hope you enjoy some Hurricane Irma Nachos today! I can’t wait to see you in Disney on our next trip!

One thought on “A Special Interview!

  1. Wow Jessica, that was AWESOME, made me feel so Happy, you got me, on the stories, I just thought you wanted to know the story of our first time, well we bought in 1993 when your Mom was pregnant with you, and I figured new Baby, so lets invest into Disney Vacation club, so it was bought because of you, That was absolutely a great Birthday post, and as always, will always love my Daughter, and my Family, that’s what life is all about. so as Dad, Thank you Jessica for a wonderful thought of post, now I see why you love to write about Disney, so as a Dad, keep following your dreams, Love Dad.


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