The One That Got Away

First things first, Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Photo from Chip & co.

It’s been over three years since the best little coffee shop in Disney World closed for good and I for one am still not over it. The Writer’s Stop was a tucked away little gem in Hollywood Studio’s Streets of America.

Photo from WDW Magic.

This little city was one of my favorite places to get lost in Disney World. I loved that I was still on a Disney vacation but could get lost in a “city” at the same time. I truly miss the Streets of America so much! I know some of my readers for sure have a few pictures of them in front of the “store fronts”. Almost all of this was removed to make room for Star Wars and Toy Story lands, we were left with whats now known as Grand Avenue.

Photo from Flickr.

The Writers Stop was never that busy because everyone thought it was another fake store front. It was the cutest little coffee/bookshop with the most amazing carrot cake cookie (I’ll get into that later).

Photo from Disney Food Blog.

This was the perfect place to get away from the noise and crowds that take over Disney. I spent many afternoons avoiding the heat and grumpy guests in a cute little window seat. A lot of people don’t know this, but this place was put in MGM as promo for Ellen DeGeneres’ first sitcom “Ellen” , it had a different name that paid honor to “Buy the Book” shop in the show. (If you win a million on Jeopardy! with that answer you owe me!)

Photo from All Ears.

I have always thought I was going to be just like Carrie Bradshaw and have a newspaper column and spend time writing in coffee shops, so this place was a dream! I would go in grab a double espresso and i’d actually write about my day in here. Now that I run this blog, I would do almost anything to sit in there and write a couple posts but it was stolen away! As Walt said, “Disney will never be finished” so I guess I can hope for a new little hideaway!

Photo from Disney Food Blog.

This cookie was the shining star in the dessert case. The carrot cake cookie was like a cookie, carrot cake and whoopie pie had a whirlwind relationship and gave us this beauty. The cake was so so moist and the icing was the perfect amount of sweet! The only issue with this baby was over eating, you’d want to stop but it was so good! You can still get this cookie in Hollywood Studios at the Starbucks location in the park but it is NOT the same, it’s still yummy but not AS good. Give it a try on your next vacation and let me know what you think!

Photo from Blog Mickey

I for one am so grateful for all the love in my life, Disney World and the fact that I get to combine those things and share them with you! I hope everyone has an amazing and yummy Thanksgiving this year!

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